Hi! I'm Sam Casey, an entrepreneurial Software Engineer with a passion for helping others.

I thrive breaking down big problems into small, testable parts and working through them piece by piece until I find the simplest solution. I love working in teams that challenge each other to grow daily.

If you want to view my projects, read my blogs, check out my resume, learn more about me, or contact me, you're in the right place!

Technologies I use


A selection of projects I have built in order to learn new technologies, explore data in topics I'm passionate about, and help clients. See my Github for a complete collection of my public software development work.

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Sometimes I write blogs about things I have learned while coding and other areas of interest. I write as a way to help me fully grasp new concepts, share learnings with others, and document my thought process.

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Please reach out if you’re interested in working together or setting up time to chat!